Hello! We welcome you on our website! Remembering the painfully familiar phrases of single women from the famous Soviet melodramas, who were full of hope that, perhaps, soon there will appear in the newspapers headings with announcements of acquaintances, I would like to note that, at the present time, in the presence of a huge abundance of such sections in every possible newspapers, on various thematic sites, forums, etc., many hearts also feel lonely. At the same time, in the female environment, a fairly high percentage of girls who want or just dream of linking their lives with the military. With an enviable frequency there are announcements: «… I’ll get acquainted with a soldier for correspondence», «… I want to meet with the cadet», «… I’m looking for a cadet», «… I’ll get acquainted with a military man for marriage», … I want to meet a serviceman of the Navy», «… I’ll go out marrying a military pilot «,» …I’ll  linking life with a former military man «,» … I’ll getting acquainted with a  police officer». 

                                               And this is not at all surprising:

• military personnel — people, as a rule, with good health, as they enter military service, and — every year, undergo all kinds of medical commissions, have good physical training, most military personnel do not have bad habits, such as smoking and alcohol consumption ;                                                         

 • servicemen who serve under a contract in the Armed Forces receive a good salary that allows them to support their families;                                               

• in the course of military service, each serviceman, at the place of his service, is provided with service housing or is paid monetary compensation for hiring an apartment;  

• the pension of former servicemen (military pensioners), in some cases, is several times higher than the pension of «civil» pensioners;                                     

• the military, as a rule, in the majority, deeply decent people, capable to stand up for the family and for the Native land, the present patriots!                   

 • sincere love will survive all difficulties and adversities …

The world is developing, does not stand still … First, representatives of the opposite sexes got acquainted at balls, then — in clubs of acquaintances, at parties and discos, in parks, squares, wrote to newspapers … With the advent of the Internet, various forums and social networks, everything became simpler … But the social networks were replaced by messengers. And the messengers were replaced by mobile messengers …

Not so long ago, the founder of the social network «VKontakte» and the messenger «Telegram» Pavel Durov «zeroed out» the lists of his friends in VKontakte, Instagram and Twitter, which he warned about in advance. He urged everyone to go for communication in messengers. «Friends in social networks — a phenomenon from 2010. All who need it, long time in messengers. To support aging lists of friends in public networks is meaningless and long. To read someone’s news is brain clogging», Durov wrote on his page in VKontakte. 

To clear a place for a new one, one should not be afraid to get rid of old luggage — obsolete ideas, connections, places of work, wrote the founder of Telegram.

Starting from April 17, 2018, the FREE SITE OF DATING ONLY WITH MILITARY changed the format of the social network to the format of mobile chat dating with the military for serious relations in the mobile messenger Telegram.


 1. Download the Telegram messenger in any convenient way for you and register in this application .                                                                                         

 2. In the application in the «Search» section you are looking for the group «voenplanet» or go to the link https://t.me/voenplanet and join the chat to communicate with the military in the Telegram application.                                                                                                                                                              

  3. You write with whom you would like to meet. It can be soldiers, cadets of military schools, officers, military pilots and sailors, military pensioners and policemen; maybe the guys will want to get acquainted with the military girls. Maybe someone from the military wants to create a family with a girl from the military family. At the same time, one should not hope for an instant result, since most of the lone military men can be on exercises, on business trips, on special and combat missions where there is no access to the Internet. Your photo will increase your chances of getting to know the serviceman several times! Do not hurry to leave the chat, just joining him … According to statistics, there are only nine guys for ten girls … And only one unmarried decent military for 137 girls … So, girls! Let’s chat! 🙂 Servicemen! To find girls — let’s chat too! 🙂

Enjoy your dating … Every single soldier needs a faithful and competent combat friend who will share with him both grief and joy in family life … Welcome to the serious site (chat) of acquaintances to create a happy family!

Warning: in order to preserve state secrets, it is PROHIBITED to disclose information that could damage the security of the state in a public chat and personal correspondence!